Creation Styles

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Working with barnwood as a medium, it lends to an array of many different constructions and finishes. Here are a few examples of those.

tongue and groove

Tongue and Groove Construction

Using no nails, this form fits the wood inside itself. This shows a blocked frame.

weathered finish

Weathered Finish

This finish is created by leaving the wood in the same state it was when it was pulled from the barn. This allows for a grayed ripple effect on the exterior of the wood.

midnight finish

Midnight Finish

This finish is created by planing the barnwood to expose the fresh wood underneath. This enhances the old nail holes and insect marks on the wood. The wood is then stained a dark mohogany color.


Pinetree Finish

This Finish is created the same way the midnight finish is created. The difference is the wood is left in its raw form exposing the tree pine color.

fence post style

Fence Post Construction

This look is made by using old fence posts and cross ties as support for the furniture.


Antler Pulls

This look uses real deer antler as pulls.


Ebony Chalk Finish

This finish used black chalk paint for an ebony wood appearance.


Turquoise Chalk Paint Finish

This finish used turquoise chalk paint for a turquoise stained wood appearance.


Personalized Lettering

Wood-burned lettering for a personal touch.

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